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DJ Fury in recording studio

GOLDMYNE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC (GME), was founded in 2019 based on principles of honesty, integrity, loyalty, hard work, patience and dedication.  The company was started as a means for our current CEO, DJ Fury, to release his own new music independently.  DJ Fury is one of the pioneers of that trunk-pounding Miami Bass music sound.  After a year of setting up GoldMyne Entertainment to be truly independent with it's own recording studio, mastering suite, video editing suite, photography studio, etc....GME is now positioning itself to bring new and upcoming, talented artists to the forefront of the music industry.  The first artist signed to GoldMyne Entertainment was the multi-talented, female songwriter and rap sensation, Glam Graham.  Glam is a native of Chicago, IL who currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area.  GME's first independent label release was Glam Graham's debut single, "Bounce", released on New Year's Day of 2020.  Since that time GME has released several Glam Graham singles with accompanying music videos, lyric videos, new music from DJ Fury and more.  Glam Graham has also started her own YouTube web series entitled, "Build A Bitch Workshop", providing detailed information on her various surgeries and procedures (past, present and future) to get the "look" she wants in order to achieve the ultimate success with her music career. Glam Graham's latest venture is a reality TV series entitled, "Glam's Road To Beauty", which has already begun filming the pilot episode.

At GoldMyne Entertainment, we understand that being in the rap music industry is one of the most competitive industries any artist could choose as a career.  However; we help our artists break through the mold to differentiate themselves and to know the importance of building a fan base can’t be overstated.  We also feel that our artists are more than just rappers or singers because we're building brands!  GME may be an independent label, but we hold ourselves accountable to delivering major label quality results.  We work hard and tirelessly at GoldMyne Entertainment and so do our artists.  We don't overlook the little things that most labels feel are no longer important, like sending our artist out with street teams to personally hand out promotional materials.  Don't be surprised if you even see our CEO, DJ Fury himself hop out of his metallic gold convertible Bentley pounding the pavement with a backpack full of promo materials recruiting new fans for the label.  That's how we do things at GME!  The internet may be the biggest promotion tool of this generation, but that one person we walk up to face-to-face that hasn't seen or heard of us is now one more person that knows who we are.  Every little thing counts when it comes to promoting GME artist and we take nothing or no one for granted!

GoldMyne Entertainment may not have the budgets to promote our projects like Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. or other major labels, but we creatively find ways and collectively develop the means to make major label moves.  What will be a game changer for GME is Glam Graham's debut album project, "SINsation".  In today's female rap music there are no projects that encompass so many different genres on a single album.  Most of today's female rappers make twerk and party songs or the typical raunchy songs talking about sex, etc.  What GME has in Glam Graham is an artist that writes several different styles of music in varying genres, from twerk to hardcore rap to club music to pop songs and beyond!  DJ Fury also gets to showcase his production skills while working with Glam due to her amazing versatility.  You'll know DJ Fury's production from his beat tag within each song, "B...B...Beats by Fury", followed by Glam yelling, "Quad", which is a reference to one of Fury's previous aliases from his Bass Music production days.

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